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News For July 1999


July 28 1999

This is a Great day!! apearently yesterday's update was enough to win me an award! check out my new awards section! I hope that others express their feelings about this page in this way!

July 27 1999

Hello Everyone! *Hugs* I am back from vacation and I changed the page a bit. The Hall of norns is a bit different and makes it much more easy to navigate! I would really like some feedback about my page fans, comments even suggestions i would love to talk with you! or if e-mail isn't your thing them join a JR chat I am chatting in there almost every day now and I would love to see you there you can join a JR chat in the Com room on this page. well thats another update I hope to hear from you!!

July 18 1999

Today is a very proud day for The Foundation as I am very proud to Have The Com Room constructed this New room is were you can chat to creatures 2 users around the world through a program called JR chat I hope that many people will use it.


July 14 199

I Completely Changed The Theme of the page I am the Sacred Shee Dalen Sanche and this is The Nornica Foundation Labratory for more information just read The Nornica Foundation Labratory Story.

July 11 1999

I have just added and tweaked up the page this update. I added a few more norn pic's and Ettin pics. as you may have already noticed I added some cool flowers THANKS HELEN! for providing these cool pics

July 9 1999

I have done a huge update to The Nornica Foundation! I have added two new sections to the page The Hall Of Grendels and The Hall Of Ettins you can guess what is in those sections and i added Boney Grendels to the COB collection.

July 8 1999

I am very sorry for those of you who were not able to view this webpage correctly! it seems i made a mistake in the HTML code but every thing is fine now I hope!if you find any problems Please E-mail me.

July 7 1999

Great News! I am over my Block I have Bred a new norn and I will be updating the webpage every week! you may have also noticed I organized the news so the newest news is on the top this makes it much more easy to find.

July 5 1999

I am sorry the Foundation hasn't been updated in such a long time the truth is I have been running out of idea's you people out there could really be a help..... you can e-mail me sugestions or idea's to keep my mind active and get some new idea's for the page untill then, toodle's and happy breeding