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How The Nornica Foundation Came To Be

It is an unusually hot summer day in Albia. Jessie is basking in the golden sun on the tropical island when Aya, Jessie's Girl-Friend walks
walks up and says, "Come Jessie." Jessie alarmed asks "What is it Aya?" Aya replies "The hand, The hand is gone!"
Jessie and Aya dart across the Bridge and into the desert "Where did you see The hand last?" Jessie asks "By the shore of the ocean"
Aya reply's "I saw a flash and the hand just floated up into the sky!" "Well let's get some rest and look after this tomorrow Allright?"
Jessie says calmly trying to calm down Aya "WHAT IF THERE IS NO TOMORROW!, what if the hand has left us to die!" Aya Screams
Madly "Look lets just get some sleep and we will see if there is a tomorrow okay?" Jessie whispers.
The next day Jessie and Aya spread the news that the hand Had dissapeared. The norns decided to have a meeting in the Tree house in a few minutes....
At the meeting the norns talked about there problem. They decided to divide up into groups of 3 norns.... As they are dividing
themslelves into groups the notice that one norn is missing. "Where is Zak" Jessie asks "I couldn't find him this morning" A mother
norn says sadly "I fear the worst.." "I am very sorry for your loss ma`am. " Jessie says emotionaly "Where is the father?" He asks
"He was attacked by Grendels just after I gave birth." she says "I am sorry" Jessie reply's "but we must get the search on before nightfall"
over three days the norn search party's found nothing but on the forth day a startling discovery was found......
"What is this!"a puzzled norn yells "It seems to be some sort of elevator, The norns press the button that they thought might make the lift go down.
they were correct. The metalic lift went downward....Down.....Down.....down.....into the albian soil until finaly it stopped...
ahead was a dark cold tunnel lit only by torches. The frightened norns walked forward down the tunnel. Ahead of them a figure amerged
IT WAS ZAK! "Why did you leave me father!...."Zak whisperd in a frightend voice. But before any of the norns could reply
Zak was sorounded by a white light, then the light faded leave nothing behind. "What the..." one of the norns whisperd
on the other side of albia a norn search team has discoverd a strange machine... it has 2 electric cages of some sort
and strange pipes and wires suddenly a white light apeared in from of the norns.... then it disapated. Now standing in front of the norns
was a very tall figure... Like nothing any norn of albia has ever seen before it said "Do not be Afriad norns of albia!"
in a Soft friendly voice "you are safe and so is the one you have dubbed The Hand" it said "Then where is the hand?" One of the norns asked
"The hand is in a special labratory called The Nornica Foundation." The creature says "In this place I myself also abide"
Then the creature Anounced "From this day forward I will Create a statue to Help you remmember my Existance!" Then a rumbling was heard
all through Albia as a shee spaceship entered the atmosphere. "What is going on?" A norn asks. "I am calling apoun otheres of my kind
to create a statue of myself in the rock of The Nornica Foundation..." the rumbling stops... the she spaceship lands by the Labratory.
"Goodbye norns of albia... Remmember my The name of Dalen Sanche The Sacred Shee." With those words the being now known as Dalen Sanche The Sacred Shee dissapeared....
Over the next 4 Albian years the statue was under construction but when it was finished it was spectacular! when a norn enters it's presence
its eyes and crystal hand rests light up and a gong is heard. Although until This day these quality's are unexplained it is belived by norns
that the Spirit of Zak is contianed within this statue.

By Dalen Sanche The Sacred Shee.

ŠThe Nornica Foundation