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MerNorns For C2


Many years ago, when the Shee still lived in Albia, there was a long series of mild summers and warm winters. The plants of Albia bloomed unabated, and the animals and insects sunbathed in the warm light from Albia's sun. It was a time of plenty for all, and the populations of norns, ettins and shee boomed. The ettins put up many new beautiful sculptures and buildings, which were admired for centuries afterwards, and the shee kept as many as five pet norns each! However, then the volcano did what it had always done. It erupted, spreading a pall of dust and smoke into the atmosphere. Coughing and spluttering, the shee, norns and ettins retreated from the island. However, that wasn't the end of it. The dust in the air cut down the sunlight, and the temperature fell sharply. The oceans froze over every winter, and the plants no longer grew as fast. Starving, the shee realised that their norns would not survive unless they could find food from somewhere new. So they set about creating a new creature... Firstly, they made a new species, with thick leathery skin and scales, tough, and able to live on very little food. Unfortunately, these new creatures, called 'grendels', were insane- they cared about nothing other than their own survival, and the badly frightened shee could do nothing about them. They locked them away, and hoped that nothing would ever awake the grendel mother again. They then decided to alter an existing norn, instead. Giving it a swimming tail in stead of legs, and gills instead of lungs, it could live underwater, and feed off the zander fish in comfort even when ice bergs covered the sea, and snow howled through the world. However, the shee liked to look after their norns as babies, so the norns only gradually became aquatic, rather than being aquatic all their lives, and entered their watery environment as they grew up. And so a new race of norns, the MerNorns, was created...

 "The Mernorns for Creatures 2",
by Lis Morris and Wafuru.

The mernorns is a new breed created by talented artist Wafuru and geneticist extraordinaire Lis Morris. These norns have a whole new set of genes which make them land-living as babies and turn amphibious as children. Upon reaching the adult stage, they´ll grow a tail and turn into true aquatic creatures, unable to live on land.

If you´d like to download the first two Mernorns, Aqua and Piscean, then go to Wafuru´s Page, and download the file. It´s a pretty big file but it contains documentation for the mernorns and also an emergency cob to use if any norn is out of it´s proper element and suffocating.

Here are a couple of norns, descendants from Aqua and Piscean. I recommend you install the mernorn sprites first, otherwise they´ll just look like normal norns from the hatchery. However, they will have the new mernorn genes and their descendants will turn aquatic with age. These norns will suffocate on land.

Alicia, 51 min.

Hans, 58 min.