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A page Created and Maintained by "Neropathetic"

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Welcome To The Nornica Foundation


I am happy to announce The Officail Opening of the Nornica Foundations.....

Please Visit This Division of the page now!


Welcome to The Nornica Foundation! Here you will find Creatures 2 Norns, COB's, And pictures of my Norns, Ettins, and Grendels, I have even Written a story About the page and, Newly featured my Creatures 3 Section! it includes, Screenshots, Info, And other information you might need, I do not own the game yet but once I do you will find pictures of my norns and BluePrints for making Cool machines, and helpful tips. I hope you Bookmark this page and Enjoy your visit! And please feel free to E-mail me any comments or suggestions by clicking on the E-mail norn below! Thanks.

Around The Lab

Creatures 3!


The C2 Info Vault

The DNA Labratory

The COB Machine

The Hall Of Norns

The Hall Of Grendels

The Hall Of Ettins



Nornica News

November 29

Hello agian, I am sorry about my C3 section.... (you couldn't download anything!) That was due to technical difficulties, My Sever was down so I couldn't fix it untill today :0( but at least I got it done! :0) so I hope you enjoy the downloads the I have made available to you! go download em` all ;0)

November 27

Hey! I have big news, I have purchased Creatures 3! That means that I have updated my C3 section! and guess what I have added? yup that's right! Blueprints, and Norns! and that means I am one of the first pages on the internet to have blueprints, and norns for C3 to download! I hope you enjoy the Blueprints and norns! I'll see you later with more blueprints and norns!

November 16

This update I just Tweaked the main page, a little and added some more C3 screenshots, Also I started an "advertising campiagn" For the C3 section of my Webpage, I also added A "Under Construction" sign to the C3 page... On Other news, I need idea's for the page and I am open to requests! it isn't that much of a problem to click on the little Norn holding the e-mail and write to me! I will get right back to you in no-time flat and I may even change the website Just for you! Also I added copyright information to the site for all you people that I have borrowed things off of.

November 14

I Added a few more screenshots as well as system requirements to the C3 section of the page.... Enjoy the Shots!

November 13

Hello again, Now I know, I know I have not updated the page in sooooo, long and I am sorry about that, Alot has changed since July and I am proud to announce that The Nornica Foundation Now Supports C3!! I am working on the C3 section of the page right now and though it is not Complete at the moment you can view what I have done! just click on the Creatures 3 link in the list above.

News For June 1999

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