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Creatures 2 COB's

This is where you will find COB's that are garenteed to work beacuse they were tested by none other then me! so go ahead download e'm all! New cobs being added regularly. I Thank all the great people out there who allowed me to post thier COB's on my page Thanx Freya! from the creatures jungle the most for these COB's!



Waterfall Bridge

Waterfall Bridge

This works as a complement to the hang bridge (see below). It connects the treetops with the lookout post by the big waterfall.

Hang Bridge v 2.0

This cob connects the highest treehouse plateau with the old castle ruins. It gives your norns a new area to reside in, and makes it easier to travel.
Itīs now possible to drop things on the bridge, and you can also grow triffid plants on it as a fruit source for visiting creatures.

Blue Beachball

All my Canny norns were bored
out of their heads, so I decided
to make a new toy for them. It
has exactly the same properties
as the old one, except itīs a bit
lighter so it bounces better. And
itīs blue;).

Cheese Dispensor

I was getting really tired of waiting for the cheeses to pop out of that slow cheese dispensor by the computer, so I made a faster one. This dispensor is movable and contains an endless supply of nutritious cheese for your creatures.   Say cheese

nova subterra

Nova subterra norns.. Nova Subterra norns are a new genome for creatures 2, This genome makes norns alot smarter and eliminates wall smacking (Where a norns sits for minutes walking into a wall or object.)


Aphrodisiac v 2.0

Amore mio This version of the aphrodisiac is more "brain-friendly" than the previous. When injected it puts your norns, ettins and grendels in the mood for mating.

This is the boney Grendel click on the picture and it will link you to the Creatures2 Official site you can learn more about it and download it there.