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Welcome! Here you will find blueprints for machines I have found helpfull when I play Creatures 3.

NOTE - To use these you must put the downloaded blue print into you "My Blueprints" Folder this can be found in the "Creatures 3" folder


Norn Detector - I Just found this machine helpfull and fun... it will call any elevator you hook it up to and will make lights flash...

Super Grendel Defense - Just What the name says... A super Grendel defense machine it shoots the sludge gun at the grendel until he die's or runs away and at the same time sets alarms off everywhere in the ship.

Aquaflower Aquatic Population moniter - This Machine will moniter the population of the fish you choose and will maintain the population at the level you choose.

Grendel Gun - The Simplest of all Grendel defense, It will detect a grendel and shoot a sludge gun at him :0)

Volcano Control - This machine will detect a grendel, Set off a alarm, and make the Volcano Erupt.