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News For June 1999

June 25 1999

I have updated the Hall Of Norns for you guys... it has 2 more norns they are both nova subterra norns this new breed of norn is much more intellegent then natural norns and they are much less stressful on you.. (They eat when you say "Eat Food" Not jump off a cliff into water!) Anyway I have added a Creatures 2 cobs section finally so you can all rejoice it is small at the moment but it will grow. I also joined a web ring as you can see at the bottom of the page (Fancy huh?) I am hoping it will lure more fans out of the darkness and into the light of The Nornica Foundation. I would like to thank all of you out there who make this page possible THANK YOU ALL OUT THERE!!!!! On another note the C2 Norns section is finally Open! Thats right the Foundation Has norns! be sure to check em` out

June 22 1999

I was feeling extra nice so I updated the page early just for you People I hope you enjoy the New look for The Nornica Foundation I know I do! This is mainly because of the fact that everything took so darn long to load before and things were hard to find! now all you have to do is click on the link and you are on your way to another part of the nornica!

June 20 1999

The nornica foundation has been updtaed! Be sure to check out the new section on creatures 3! The nornica foundation will be updated every weekend. plus I added somthing I should have added a long time ago, Creatures 2 info! beacuse now I figured out that 40% of you who visit creatures 2 pages don't even Know what the game is!

Thanx and keep visiting the Foundation.

June 14 1999

The Nornica foundation has been launched today and it may be a while until we are fully up and running. If there are any of you out there that would like a job here at the Nornica foundation just e-mail me about it, I do not pay it just gives you access to the page and you can edit it, Since this is the first day that the Nonica foundation is online I feel extra happy so here is a link to all the creatures 3 stuff you could ever need! just head over to NornGod! and look around C3 is cooler then ever!